InView Investments is an independent investment boutique investing client wealth worldwide. We offer professional global dividend return investing to Private Clients of substantial means. Our concentrated unconstrained discipline invests in only our top ideas with a margin of safety to maximize income with upside. We invest alongside clients sharing in their outcomes.

InView Investments exited institutional small cap investing and relocated to Scottsdale from Chicago in 2021. We are introducing actively managed global dividend return investing at a flat passive management fee level to Private Clients of substantial means (net worth $5 million on up).

Our low flat fee structure is one of the only fee structures of its kind in the investment industry. The Global Dividend Return Portfolio seeks to provide competitive income while preserving and growing capital during one of the most expensive US stock markets in history. Our low flat fees maximize income for clients. While markets remain historically expensive and extended we emphasize Return of Capital, not Return on Capital.

Our Global Dividend Return Portfolio is a fine addition to the core of an equity allocation whose objective is income generation and capital appreciation at one of the lowest fee structures in active portfolio management.

Global Dividend Return Portfolio | Minimum Investment $1 million

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